Advanced Optics / Avionics

We have operated in this very specialised field for many years and we have gained a reputation for our experience of machining in some exotic materials to a very high standard of quality and precision.

The high precision components are applied to optical modules for (HUDS) head-up and helmet mounted displays, infrared and image intensified night vision equipment. The finished components are used around the world for a wide range of applications from defence, aerospace, search and rescue, police and coastguard.

Counter-Terrorist Equipment Systems

This market has such a wide spectrum from bomb disposal ROVs and RF jamming equipment, to remote glass breakers. We manufacture in various types of material to meet the very high demand that this type of component requires. We adopt high speed machining on some of these components with 12,000rpm spindle speeds.

Cabin Interiors and Intergration

This sector dictates a level of knowledge greater than most. We can accommodate this with our excellent supply chain for aerospace alloys and finishing, from chromic unsealed with corrosion resistant primer to Sateen polished finish with natural anodise for the more ascetically pleasing component. We operate under the stringent CAA quality systems.

All machined items are fully traceable with part number, issue and works order / batch number marked on each component. Every component is wrapped in acid free paper and boxed for dispatch with label identifying the contents.

Other Markets

We provide for many other markets including those listed below. They all have their special requirements and we learn and adapt to those needs.

  • Forensic Science
  • X-Ray Systems for Commercial Industries
  • Safety Locking Systems
  • Railway Industry
  • Weighing Systems for Transport Companies