Assemblies / Hand Finishing

We do cater for the more complex items that require the delicate touch of the human hand, be it tapping of small and hard to reach holes, deburing or for the component that requires an ascetically pleasing finish, we can apply these hand skills.

We also offer a project-managed assembly of mechanical or electrical items utilising our dedicated area, be it circuit board building and testing to assembling mechanical items.

We can accommodate from drawing to manufacture and assembly of small or large batch quantities. Our highly skilled production team has experience of a number of assembly projects. We also offer considerable experience in project management for any production task

Do you face these issues?

  • Running out of space
  • Assembly work not key to your business
  • Trying to reduce your supplier base
  • Want to reduce your inventory holding
  • Don’t want to take on more staff
  • Trying to find a customised component manufacturer

Why use Newmax Precision

  • ISO 9001:2015 accreditation
  • Modern manufacturing facility
  • Excellent logistics capability
  • Design reviews
  • Flexible response
  • Cost reduction activity

Further infomation

If you would like further information about our milling services, please feel free to get in touch.

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